May to Do List

Hey guys, Spira here. I was think that from now on, I really need to do something more… unique, to make each month special. I decided to take this idea from my dear friend, Emily who is watching all kind of anime base on month themes. So, if I am going to do this too, I must follow suit!

So what’s this first month trial theme?

Science Fiction Month.png

Science Fiction Month! ūüėÄ

I miss science fiction as of late. I love it. The vast space ready to be explore, mysterious alien worlds, misadventures to pursuit and of course technology advancing becoming partial part of our life. I always found it intriguing to be honest. From inside the computer, to distant future where society collapsed and technology developed been used wrongly, and aliens invading earth extra, extra, you know the deal.

Besides that, Science Fiction also holds countless of possibilities for other subgenres like, Romance, Horror, Psychologically, The Human Factor, science fiction dives into all of that sometimes succeeding on bringing a very emotional and serene story you can actually buy in. Or like in my case, something to pass the time in my own enjoyment! ūüėÄ

So before I begin counting books or other stuff I want to do, let me just put a current list of things that still I need to finish or I already had.

Books I am currently reading (outside the month theme of course):

The Foxhole Court (All for the Game #1) by Nora Sakavic¬†(13%) ‚Äď I kinda put it on hold to be honest since I was too buy with finishing a certain book called The Glittering Court. I hope I can finish it either tomorrow or today since well it is short! XD
Also I do plan on reading a lot of stuff this month and also to watch so we will see how it will work out.

Books I finished:

The Glittering Court (The Glittering Court #1) by Richelle Mead¬†(2.5/5, Review to come)¬†‚Äď When i was back in highschool, Richelle Mead was one of my favorite authors. Her Vampire Academy books were my only sanctuary while passing my classes and daily life. So when I heard there was a new series coming out, I had to read it. So, me and my friend, LostinFantasy¬†wanted to give it a try. But then she quit and so was my other friend Nastassja. Why did they abandon it? Simple this book is flawed. It is bad paced, bad written plot, has some very strange and sometimes off character heroine and to be completely honest, by the end of the book it was like I was reading a far better book. This book could have been better if Mead just stick with the third act of the book, focus more on the well established romance and the new dangers awaiting in this new rich world. There some good ideas, nice supporting cast but it is all jeopardize by the same said ideas and the plot and the heroine’s actions. If I have to put up with either this or Unhooked… I guess I will go with this book cause unlike Unhooked it does have far more interesting heroine and setting but still, it is bad no matter what I can say about it.

Total Book Count: 1

This month I plan on covering all stuff Science Fiction related. Be it video games, anime, cartoons, movies, whatever that suits the tone of this vast genre.
However since I don’t have much to read I think I will leave to you readers some suggestions!
It can be any science fiction book, as long as it fellows said rules for this month theme:
1) The object has to be Science or technology related, meaning any setting with it has to make some importance for the plot and setting.
2) Said objective can be whatever I may like as long as its science fiction isn’t covering entirely of the story.
3) The more suggestions the merrier, I have no boundaries ūüôā

There you go!
Leave me a comment bellow, or contact me on Goodreads, and tell me what you might would like me to cover.
Oh, and about those reviews, I am trying to writing them all down. It is hard but I am trying so thank you for sticking around :p


April Warp Up

Hey guys, Spira here. Been a long time, huh?

Well another month is over and a new one is about to begin, and like our last and first warp up. However this month has been quite difficult on my reading progress but also a blessing. I DID ALOT OF READING. I am quite proud of myself~
I also manage to finish a few games, although some I abandon due to time and just dam difficulty level. Anyway April has been a good month in my book, despite my real life interfering a lot.

So let’s start our warp up, okay? ūüėČ

Books I finished:

Paranormalcy (Paranormalcy 1#) by Kiersten White (3.5/5, Review to come) – I had been surrounded with too much stress lately, and this bright light saved me. Not in changed your life kind of way, but more… It made me laugh, cry and cared. And also conveniently question everything and wanting more. I love the main character Evie and her adventures, her sorrows and hardships. She highlight the book for me, and it made it an enjoyable read. It was like I was watching another ep of Buffy the Vampire Slayer once more.

The Giver (The Giver Quartet, #1) by Lois Lowry¬†(4/5, Review to come) – The Giver was and will always be my favorite Dystopian story. Why? Because it doesn’t shove itself to immense repetitive cycles of other dystopian stuff. Society is corrupted, it is wrong, hero find out the truth, hero changes it, sacrifices are made the end! No. Not in the Giver. The Giver is about a world that is an utopia. This is what might will happened, if we solve it wrongly, by forgetting the important stuff, like Love, music, holidays, family, food, colors, pain, suffering, all of it and become just… Docile ignorant creatures. The Giver is a must read for any new beginner to the dystopian genre since it is something I assure you must give a try out before you start with any of the bigs stories like 1984 or the Hunger Games etc etc.

The Bone Knife (The Theft of Sunlight 0.5) by Intisar Khanani¬†(3/5, Review to come) – I have never read Thorn or any of miss Khanani works but now I just have too. This is a small prequel story before the upcoming trilogy series The Theft of the Sunlight. What did I thought of this? It was good, a lot to developed and see where it go. I honestly like the main lead here, she is crippled, harsh, strong but still caring and loving but have weaknesses. I really cannot wait to read future installments for this series. There’s something¬†special about it. I can just feel it…

Comic Books I finished:

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson (Illustrator), Lynn Varley (Illustrator) (3/5, Review to come) ‚ÄstStarted¬†this buddy read with my dear friend, LostinFantasy. Man was it nice to reread this story once more, but it did clear a lot of stuff to me. In a way this is one of the very good batman stories out there, but it also has a lot of problems. Be it the art, the narration or the speech bubbles, the dark knight returns is a great comic book to pick. It offers a different Batman, an older wiser one, somebody that put up the cape a long time ago and he is back.¬†Seriously, the story is fascinating, and you should read it, even if you never read a batman story this might be a good start~¬†;p

Star Wars: Shattered Empire by Greg Rucka, Marco Checchetto (Illustrator), Phil Noto (Illustrator) (3/5, Review to come) – I love Star Wars, and I am so glad more and more people become infatuated with it, more new media is been created and some are comic books. Now the thing about comic book unlike a movie is that you can write and direct the story as you like. The characters cannot say no, and you are their master, but when you create a story you need to stick to it. Then why create new character only to be shoe horned in favor of the old ones keep popping on? I am glad we get to see what really happens after ep 6 Return of the Jedi, but this was a bit of disappointed. But still, it has a lot to offer, from great artwork for more new continuity and if you are new to the star wars universe, that’s a good introduction to it.

Outcast Vol. 1 + 2¬†by by Robert Kirkman, Paul Azaceta (Illustrator), Elizabeth Breitweiser (Illustrator) (4/5, Review to come) – Robert Kirkman is one of my favorite Comic Book writer. He simply knows how to bring realism to any story, be it an zombie apocalypse to- well, now his new story, supernatural elements. In here we get to explore an interesting take of the exorcist meets the real world. The Outcast is an amazing read to me, it has good characters with raw strong emotions and problems, the danger is real, the mystery is good, the heroes lose and win there’s no always middle ground with the supernatural since, well they hardly know how to deal with it. I swear if you want something different from the regular comic then be sure to check this one out. You won’t be disappointed~

Silent Hill: Sinner’s Reward by Tom Waltz¬†and Steph Stamb¬†(3/5, Review to come, saving it for special occasion) – Silent Hill is one of my favorite franchise as I already talked about on my April to do list back a while ago. Now let’s be honest, when sometimes sells right you want to expand it and continue it while the iron still hot, right? So the logical call is to venture to new territories, hence why they made those horrible Silent Hill movies (yeah, not a fan like most people I know) and of course comic books. Speaking about comic book, trying to adapt other media to something else is difficult especially¬†how you write it, and Sinner’s Reward is… Good. Not bad nor that great but good! It has some good established cast, good story, good yet weird artwork and it feels like the old Silent Hill video games to me. If you want to try Silent Hill, you can first jump right in on¬†this one, since it is a good introduction to the story ūüôā

Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story by Tom Waltz¬†and Tristan Jones (Illustrator) (4/5, Review to come, saving it for special occasion) –¬†Ever since the original team, Team Silent left¬†Konami and went to different things, the franchise has taken… a rather different approach by American developers. Some fans reject and hate those installments, some like me appreciate any new game since it brings something new. Sure, they have tons of flaws but you know, some crabby apples are actually quite tastier. Like Silent Hill Downpour for example. A game that tries to be a Silent Hill game and it almost succeeded. I loved the story and characters, and then when I heard about a comic book from Anna’s eyes I immediately gallop in joy. She is one of those characters you cannot help but be mesmerized like any of the other Silent Hill ladies. This comic is a great set up, you can actually read this and then jump right in to the game, but I recommend you actually play the game or at least watch it, since you know, it always better to experience the horror by yourself~

Silent Hill: Past Life by Tom Waltz and Menton J. Matthews III (Illustrator) (3/5, Review to come later, saving it for special occasion) – Another good Silent Hill, pretty gnaw on the details but it is still good. The artwork is a bit… hit and miss really. Sometimes good, sometimes awful but the tone and atmosphere and the story works. If you looking for a spooky story to pass the time, check it out~

The Cape by Jason Ciaramella¬†(3/5, Review to come) – WOW. JUST… WOW. At first, I thought this was just another superhero indie story. But… no. This has nothing to do with that. This story is, how do I describe it? Like, ahm, I have no words for it except that its a good read. Plus on kindle its only 0.99$ so you can probably understand my bafflement about it.

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson (4/5, Review to come) – What can I say about Nimona that wasn’t already been told already? A charming, funny, loveable tale about a villain and his sidekick doing “evil” deeds and by the end becoming good friends and of course save the day. But it comes with a twist! ūüėČ
I love when a creator takes things, make the tone sometimes silly to serious to well downright scary. Nimona is an excellent book my friends. Something you should try, and boy does it remind me too much of Adventure Time. So yeah, check it.

Meathouse Man by George R.R. Martin¬†(3/5, Review to come) – Apparently the Meathouse Man was originally a short story by George R.R. Martin not too long ago. And I can defiantly see why this format is kinda good and bad for a comic. The comic is told from a third view perspective of our hero, which is neat. It also features tons of interesting sci-fi concepts and deals a lot about the human heart, emotions, love and of course depression. But, I would really like to read the original story since the comic is… feels to me like a vulgar attempted at it. Maybe I just didn’t like it, but it is still a good comic, especially if you never read or saw any of R.R. Martin works before.

Suicide Squad Most Wanted Deadshot and Katana.png
Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot and Katana (2016-) 1-4# by Mike W. Barr, Brian Buccellato, Diogenes Neves (Illustrator), Viktor Bogdanovic (Illustrator) (4/5, Not gonna review it, sorry) – I honestly at draw when it comes to the old debate, what are ya, a DC fan or a Marvel Fan? Well to put it simply: Neither. I am a fan of good stories, like this one for example. Originally the Suicide Squad Most Wanted was created to grab the attention of new readers for the upcoming movie. I must say it does a good job handling the story from both perspectives of Deadhsot and Katana. The artwork is good, everything about it is good. I simply love this series, so again why is this a mini-series 6 issues and not what the Suicide Squad comic book should be? :/

Poison Ivy Cycle of Life and Death 1-4.png
Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death (2016-) 1-4# by Amy Chu and a few Illustrators I cannot name them since I am not so sure who did what XDDD (3/5, Not gonna review it, sorry…) –

Star Wars Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir Issues 1-4.png
Star Wars: Darth Maul ‚Äď Son of Dathomir Issues 1-4# by Jeremy Barlow, Juan Frigeri (Illustrator), Chris Scalf (Illustrator) (5/5, Review to come) – Not going to lie, I am a huge fan of Darth Maul. I love this guy, he was the reason that draw me to the franchise in the first place. When I saw the Phantom Menace poster as a kid, I knew I must see it. I knew I have to know who is this red face Satan like dude with the cool laser sword. And that what made me a Star Wars fan. So imagine my surprise learning that my favorite guy is getting his own comic book mini-series? I was hyperventilating. Yeah, fan boy geek at his finest…
Anyway, the comic was originally going to be a Star Wars The Clone Wars cartoon eps but due to the cancelation of the show was instead adapted into a comic book. It answer tons of question surrounding what happened to Maul in between the fifth and sixth final season. I love it, it’s one of my favorite comics for a reason, the story is good, Maul is advancing and changing learning about leadership and consequences and responsibilities and we get more answers about Palpetine and of course Mother Tenzin. I do recommenced you watch the cartoon series before reading this comic because if you don’t you will be completely lost in here.

Hellchild #1 by Joe Brusha & Ralph Tedesco¬†(3/5, Sorry not gonna review it…) – I think this is connected to that Grimm¬†Adventures Tales¬†series also publish by the same company of Hellchild and written also by Joe Brusha. In a way I think I understand why I couldn’t figure out who some of the character were referencing but still reading this issue was fun! ūüėÄ
The artwork is decent, the story is interesting but the characters are still not that fleshed out. I mean so much is happening in this story, that I have no place to breath! But I still want more. This urban fantasy/supernatural story is picking my interest and perhaps I will continue this on some point later this year but at the moment I will leave it aside.

Aladdin Legacy of the Lost Issues 1-3
Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost Issues 1-3 by Ian Edginton, Patrick Reilly¬†& Stjepan ҆ejińá

Obi-Wan & Anakin Issues 1-2
Obi-Wan & Anakin Issues 1-2 by Charles Soule & Marco Checchetto (4/5, Review to come on special occasion, leaving the review aside for now~) РStar Wars, yeah this is getting old, but you know something, this one actually intrigues me. This comic in particular. Somehow, this entire 2 issues feels like what the second movie in the franchise should have been, about Obi-Wan training Anakin! Making the dreadful and tragedy of ep 3 seems more legit. In here, it all make sense. The bond between the master and the student, Palpetine interest in Anakin, this nice little adventure it is just shines on me. The artwork is great, the pacing is good, the characters are well rounded, they all have flaws and you should all read it. I command it, by using the dark arts of the sith, yo. You must obey, I can use the force, dawg ;p

Manhwa I finished:

Priest #1 (Priest #1) by Min-Woo Hyung¬†(3.5/5, Review to come) – I know alot about Priest but to be completely fair, i never read the Manhwa. Originally I watched it¬†back in the maybe it was… 2009? Maybe 2012? I can’t remember but I¬†vaguely remember how nicely packed action B-movie it was. I loved it, but the story didn’t make sense but it was still nice to just casually watch on a nice cold evening.¬†Then after watching the movie,¬†I wanted to see if it was actually based on something, and it actually did. A comic book, created by a¬†Korean artiest. Written as 16 volumes for this¬†series, tons to cover about if a studio wants to take said project and market it correctly but of course it did not. Priest was nothing like his movie adaption. Let me explain something about adaptions, sometimes they will take said source material and wipe out tons of information and perhaps some characters because it can make sense or not. In this case, they remove tons of stuff and replace with normal annoying action dystopian sci-fi vampire movie when vampires were the big hit. Which is like nothing alike in this story. This story is set in the wild west 19th century era, and it has freaking zombies demons creatures – it has to explain, but I can continue explain and explain but Priest is wonderful comic. It captivates my attention and i defiantly going to continue reading it! ūüôā

Total Book Count: 32

Not bad! I do have wished I could of read more, but still not bad =)

Video Games I finished:

Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light¬†(3/5, Review to come) – I missed playing RPGs. I love them! Role-Playing-Games are amazing genre. They can provide tons of good stuff, from actual good story, to well, good gameplay to anything you like. But sometimes there’s those shitty rpgs you just cannot fathom. Don’t get me wrong, Blade Dancer has something to offer. It has one unique gameplay mechanics using your own weapon equipment as sort of both your strength and weakness and your magic system is a double edge sword, meaning you can use it, but also your enemy as well. Which creates quite of a good struggle and hardship which is what i am seeking: a real challenge. Nowadays RPGs lack some creativity and regards as¬†well, stupid, so they lower the difficulty mode to minimum to offer the player some decent gaming. I think it is always important to let a player have a hard time so when we complete the game, it will be much more rewarding. But then, it does create a lot of diversity, since this game is… catastrophic. I judge a game by a lot of critics and¬†i can abandon it in a second if i find it intolerable and this is one of them. Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light is a good¬†RPG if you seeking a good challenge and ready to waste 60 hours of¬†your life repeatedly dying and retrying¬†and consciously leveling up T.T

Chelsea (Chelsea/ „ÉĀ„āß„Éę„ā∑„Éľ) (4/5 Review to come) – I love horrors. It is my main favorite genre, it is amazingly written sometimes, hilarious¬†in the others and downright frightening if they want to be. ¬†I find Chelsea a very good horror game. A game that tries not like the rest nowadays to be scary for the worthy of being scary, but to be simply put, a video game. Chelsea is a freeware rpgmaker game, created on the new released RPGMAKER MX program and it is beautiful. Chelsea has standard controls, alluring eerie atmosphere for a good step up, nice main lead, good graphics and the soundtrack, my is it beautiful. Chelsea is truly worthy for your attention, especially if you seek good horror ūüėÄ

Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland (4/5, Review to come) –¬†Kirby is my favorite Nintendo character. I am not sure how i¬†became so oddly fan of his but¬†maybe it is his charming¬†nature being this… Pink bubbly creature that sucks and eats stuff while still remaining so adorable to ignore. I never played a Kirby game so i decided why not¬†now? I have the¬†time so yeah, here it is, i played a Kirby game. No wonder it still survive till now. The gameplay is nice, the story is okay and well, Kirby is Kirby. If you want to play a good Kirby game, try this one! ūüėÄ

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (3.5/5, Review to come) – Mario, what is there to say? Really. I think this is not my best introduction to the series, but it is fun! I think platformers are challenging. I always liked them! That and RPGs. And Horror. I wonder why nobody makes a Mario Horror platformer? :/

Total Video Game Count: 4

Not bad, but i could do better~

And that was April, now let’s see what May will be like ūüėÄ

Spira plays Chelsea – An RPG Horror Game Part 1

Spira plays Chelsea Part 1.2.png

Hey guys, been a while huh?
I have been busy reading and playing video games this last week, plus recovering from a certain sinus infection i was recently developing but I am better now So anyway, I decided today to try something new like¬†a let’s play!
Yeah, I wasn’t certain how it will work to be honest, so here it is~
I hope we will have fun! ūüėÄ

Here’s a link to my video~

Chelsea is a RPG Horror game about a man named David who apparently lose his weeding ring,  poor guy :C
So what does he do? Why search for it of course!
And is he lucky? Well… Yes and no. We will SEE ;P
I will leave a link to the guys beyond Chelsea so you can download it and try it out for yourself~

The Maiden Thief by Melissa Marr – That was unsettling and creepy for a short story 0.0

Book: The Maiden Thief by Melissa Marr
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Adventure,  Horror, Young-Adult, Short Story, Feminism, Fairy Tales Retellings.
Creatures: Ahm… Non but it is still creepy without creatures in it…
Age: Young-Adult, Mature.
Pages: 33 pages.
Format: Kindle.
Publication: Published January 27th 2016 by Tor Books.
Source: Amazon, and Goodreads.
Final Rating: 3.5/5

Summary on Goodreads:

“The Maiden Thief” by Melissa Marr is a dark fantasy novelette about a teenager whose town is plagued by the annual disappearances of girls and young women. Her father blames her when one of her sisters is one of the taken.

“I don‚Äôt remember a time before girls vanished. The first one I heard about was April Shaw. I didn‚Äôt know her, only her name. I had just turned ten when she disappeared. I was fourteen when the taken was someone I knew. That was the year Jenna Adams didn‚Äôt make it home. No one did anything. Autumn meant harvest, a chill in the air‚ÄĒand another missing girl.

The taken are as young as fifteen and as old as thirty. They are vine-thin, heart-curvy, dark of eye and pale of hair, light-eyed and dark-skinned. There is no true pattern to who will be taken.

Despite that, I look for one. I cannot help it. The girls are always taken near my birthday, so I feel a strange kinship with them. Every spring, as the fields are tilled, I watch for bones as if this, at least, will give me some insight into the secret of the Maiden Thief. I walk the long way home, meandering along the roads, peering into freshly turned soil as if I‚Äôll be the one to find the dead girls.”

I am not much a vast reader as I used to be. I usually just read one book at a time, in my own pace. I just can’t focus reading at all if can’t concrete or I have things on my mind.¬†But lately¬†it sort of changed. I’ve¬†accomplish a lot over March and now I am back to my old routine, reading new and various stories I’ve never¬†consider reading before.

And if we are at it, why not something like a short story? I actually never read short stories. Why? Because I consider them shallow and boring to be completely frank here. I loath them back in middle school through high school. I just didn’t like them. They was no compelling or interesting stuff to invest my time and effort on it.

However, that is not the case with the Maiden Thief by Melissa Marr.


The story is open with a very somber setting. Verena, a young girl living in the remote town of Charlestown is¬†struggling with her life.¬†Her family is¬†grieving over her late¬†mother and brother’s deaths. Her father is in deep depression, caring so little about anybody except the shadows of the past, leaving poor Verena and her sisters, Amina and Karis to take care of themselves.

Verena, should have kept to her own problems, but her curiosity took a bad turn getting herself fixated on the famous Maiden Thief. She starts to seek and understand why this monster is after the girls. Why does he especially target them and are they all dead? Are they still alive?

Me and my friend, LostinFantasy buddy read this short story together and by the end of it we couldn’t stop talking about it. From the setting itself, to the Maiden thief himself, Melissa Marr just got us inside this world right from the beginning.

Right away from reading this story you can tell it will leave you with something to remember by. In this case, it left me with so much wanting to know more, about the Maiden Thief, about the symbolism in the story about everything!

The world building alongside the story works well, giving a unique dark tale of a new reimagined Bluebeard with a spectacular squeamish delight by the middle to the end. Everything about it is breathtaking, there was so much moments in¬†story¬†I just couldn’t¬†stop reading,¬†even if it was highly uncomfortable in some areas.

But despite my preaching about how wonderful this story is crafted it does have one fault. IT IS A SHORT STORY!

I mean, why make this story a short story when it could have been much well developed into a stand alone novel? It is so unfair. This story has such potential but because of it’s shortness it just… Okay. Melissa Marr could had took this story and polish a bit better like with a few nitpicks, give more to our well nice evil villain, and shed more light to Verena’s family making even more the tragedy better. But that’s fine. Sometimes some stories worked better in a short number of pages…


“The death of my sister has changed me, but half a year later, spring still comes, and with it, my old habits start to return. I cannot help but look for the bones of the dead in the freshly turned soil.”

Verena is the type of character I immediately fond of. She has depth, she has history, she has mundane problems like how her family is going to survive the month financially to the people staring at her, pitying her in her newest status quo to basically living by the days. She is smart but her curiosity is her biggest flaw because of it she screw her family over by messing with the Maiden Thief. It so refreshing to see, slowly throughout the story how she enduring this, both emotionally and physically.

Verena is worth reading this story for. She a magnificent well rounded character that gained a marvelous character development. She finally steps out of her circle of torment and facing her demons head on. Sure the road is full of thorns but you cannot escape it without a few bruises and cuts along the way.

There aren’t much characters in this story but I don’t want to fully spoil the story, but it is so nice that Mrs. Marr shed some light on her family as well as her main protagonist. From her love and optimistic, Karis, to her matured elegant wise Amina, to their father, the sad sob who you either going to feel sorry for or in my case loath the bastard…

You can defiantly appreciate this story more with those characters and what they are facing with their everyday life. From the constant disappearance of the poor girls the Maiden Thief captures, to an ordinary problem like their family drama.

Oh and by the way, the villain is magnificent. I am so happy I finally got some decent, creepy and monstrous fiend to hate and with a good reason.


If there is one thing I adore about Melissa Marr’s Maiden Thief, is how she wrote it. She gives us small bread crumbs worth following throughout the beginning. From the somber atmosphere, to the hush-hush tale of the Maiden Thief, to Verena’s family drama. It all works well with her slow pacing mixed with her simplistic yet realistic writing.

She manages to capture you with this bait, the first sentence of the story and from there on you are hooked for more. You just want to dive even deeper in the story and see how far will it take you in it’s mysterious and emotional premise.

There are several moments in the story I simply cannot believe she could have gone through writing them without taking a break realizing what she has created. I did mention it was pretty… Gory sometimes, and freaky but I never fathom she will go so far to certain aspects of the Bluebeard fairy tale and twist it to her own amusement. It is so nice to read such a nice short¬†unsettling experience sometimes~

But¬†sure,¬†Melissa Marr writes incredibly well, able to present the story just fine it does suffer with one quality.¬†It is written to shortly.¬†There is just this sour taste¬†by the¬†end of the story you just can’t shake off. Like you finally finished this puzzle piece you have constantly trying to figure out but you just cannot understand what’s wrong with it.

Fire Flower Spira Rating 3.5

The Maiden Thief is a good short story you should read. Not because I am telling you to. No. It is because it’s a story you must read, experience and then understand it fully to comprehend this creepy yet beautifully written story. From Verena’s wonderfully rounded flawed character to the setting, to the breathtaking story to the ups and downs, all of it is worth reading it. And it is only 33 pages, you can finish this story in about… Let me think… An half hour, maybe even an hour top if you are out of focus. Plus it is free on, but if you’d like to support the author, buy the story. That’s what I did~

So yeah, go check it out. It will be an experience you’ll never forgot ūüėÄ

April to do List


Got tons of books in my mind for this month. Tons of stand alones to series to mangas to comics… I just don’t know if I can finish them all. I already did with 5 recently. I guess I will list on all the stuff I want to read and finish or already did and see where it will take me next.
If I won’t managed to accomplish my goals this month, that’s fine I got plenty of time later on in May ūüėÄ

Books I currently reading:

The Foxhole Court (All for the Game #1) by Nora Sakavic¬†(13%) – It’s pretty interesting, it has a good protagonist worth following the story but it has some major withdraws. For example the author drop exposition bombs at us all the time and it makes me completely lose interest in it.¬†I hope it will improve soon.

Paranormalcy (Paranormalcy 1#) by Kiersten White¬†(28%)¬†–¬†After all this time I actually just wanted t0 pick something out of random.¬†I must say¬†I am happy with my results. Paranormalcy is a fun read so far. Likeable protagonist, interesting setting and I just love the way Mrs. White writes this story. I defiantly continuing this~

The Glittering Court (The Glittering Court #1) by Richelle Mead (12%) – Me and my friend, LostinFantasy¬†wanted to read this in a result of a sudden realization at some point this week. It was kinda funny because she went to this signing of Mrs. Mead so she got her sign her book. Lucky girl huh? Anyway, so far I must congrats Richelle Mead for creating a very interesting world. It is not force but more reveal little at a time, making it believable for me. I like the MC, Adelaide aka Ada, who just want to chose her own life rather then be force by everyone around here. However so far the plot isn’t that proving or lasting on me. It more like drag, the pace is good, but I am just worried this will worn out for me like my friend, Lost.

Manhwa I currently read:
Priest #1 (Priest #1) by Min-Woo Hyung¬†(24%) – I just started it today to be honest. I knew about this practically manga, sorry! Manhwa. What is Manhwa? Well Manhwa is a Korean comic book or as some like to fancily call it, a Korean Manga. So, I wanted to read this in a really long time but I just couldn’t get it since the only option for me was either ordered (very expensively) an copy of the book but thanks to the age of digital contribution, they finally released it on Kindle/Comixlogy. Which makes it¬†easier¬†for me to read it! ūüėÄ
So what is Priest is about? Well, the regular fall angels/demons/zombies conquering the earth but with an interesting main lead. I won’t explain but you will see a review out of me soon.

Comic Books I currently Read:
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson (Illustrator), Lynn Varley (Illustrator) (8%) –¬†Started a buddy read with my dear friend, LostinFantasy. Ever since we finished Dokuhime, I just had to introduce her to comic books alongside Manga. So since, Batman V Superman was right around the corner and we both went and see it, I suggest we will read it. The Dark Knight Returns is a very different Batman story. I read it If I recall correctly, 2 years ago maybe? I am not sure… But I loved every single second of it. And I know why I did, thanks to re-reading it once more~

Star Wars: Shattered Empire by Greg Rucka, Marco Checchetto (Illustrator), Phil Noto (Illustrator) (22%) – I am a¬†major Star Wars dweeb. I love everything about Star Wars that recently all I order is about it. Ever since finishing the newest film in the series, the Force Awakens I just had to have more. READ MORE. Anything just so it could quench¬†my thirst for more¬†intergalactic adventures inside this rich universe. And what a better beginning then a comic book that is an introduction to the new chronicle order Disney just established recently? ūüėČ

Video Games I currently playing:

Final Fantasy I (Retrospective) (5%) – Yeah I kinda neglected this one huh? Well, I will try to update it soon. Please be patient with me :c

Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light (1%) – I am a hardcore RPG gamer. I love RPGs, they are my type of tea, you know? So, since I am in need of a massive dose of one, I just have to pick something out of random. Even if some people say this particular game is shitty as they come…

Books I want to Read:
Stardust by Neil Gaiman

KIZUMONOGATARI: Wound Tale (Monogatari #2) by NisiOisiN, VOFAN (Illustrator), Ko Ransom (Translator)

The Giver (The Giver Quartet #1) by Lois Lowry

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende, Ralph Manheim (Translator), Roswitha Quadflieg (Illustrator)

Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

Immurement (The Undergrounders #1) by Norma Hinkens

Justice Calling (The Twenty-Sided Sorceress #1) by Annie Bellet

No More Black Magic (Here Witchy Witchy #1) by A.L. Kessler

Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #1) by Laurell K. Hamilton

Shifting by Bethany Wiggins

Dot Hack Al Buster Vol.1-2
.hack // AI Buster (.hack//AI Buster #1-2) by Tatsuya Hamazaki

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Harry Potter #1) by J.K. Rowling

Emissary by Melissa McShane
The Terracotta Bride by Zen Cho
The Little Mermaid (With Original Illustrations) by Hans Christian Andersen, Vilhelm Pedersen (Illustrator), Helen Stratton (Illustrator), H.B. Paull (Translator)
The Seventh Bride by T. Kingfisher
Born Wicked (The Cahill Witch Chronicles #1) by Jessica Spotswood
Need (Need #1) by Carrie Jones

Manga I want to Read:
Not any in the moment but if I change my mind we will see…

Comic Books I want to Read:
Outcast Vol. 1 by by Robert Kirkman, Paul Azaceta (Illustrator), Elizabeth Breitweiser (Illustrator)

Silent Hill: Sinner’s Reward by Tom Waltz and Steph Stamb
Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story by Tom Waltz¬†and Tristan Jones (Illustrator)
Silent Hill Past Life by Tom Waltz and Menton J. Matthews III (Illustrator)

Deadpool Classic Vol. 1 by Fabian Nicieza, Rob Liefeld, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly, Joe Madureira (Illustrator), Ian Churchill (Illustrator), Lee Weeks (Illustrator), Ken Lashley (Illustrator) , more…Ed McGuinness (Illustrator
Uncanny X-Force Vol. 1 by Rick Remender, Jerome Ope√Īa (Illustrator), Leonardo Manco (Illustrator)
Suicide Squad Most Wanted Deadshot and Katana issues 1-3
Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot and Katana (2016-) 1-3# by Mike W. Barr, Brian Buccellato, Diogenes Neves (Illustrator), Viktor Bogdanovic (Illustrator)
Star Wars Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir Issues 1-4.png
Star Wars: Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir Issues 1-4# by Jeremy Barlow, Juan Frigeri (Illustrator), Chris Scalf (Illustrator)

Games I want to play:
Chelsea (Chelsea/ „ÉĀ„āß„Éę„ā∑„Éľ) – Chelsea is a horror/puzzle rpgmaker game, that you can download for free if you’d like I would leave the link to the page here. I was oddly drawn back in 2015 by this. I am not sure why I did. I did played the demo, but during that time I didn’t have much time to contribute any energy on finishing it so I left it be. Now I actually want to play this again, since I learned there’s a new version out there with new additional extra. So what’s a few bucks for a nice new extra contact? ūüėČ

Yume Nikki (Dream Diary) – I recently played this 3 months ago I believed? I actually love Yume Nikki a lot. It’s one of those games you can finish in your own pace and come back. It’s mostly a vividly dreaming lucid like exploration adventure. Sounds easy right? It is. And I really want to finish it…

Dreaming Sarah – No excuse for this one. Same as Yume Nikki ish, I just abandon it one day and only now coming back to be playing it. I honestly want to start it again. Its a pretty interesting game, with nice puzzles and amazing music.

Pony Island – Remember those old days? With the old video game consoles? Like Macintosh, Atari and that? How freaking harsh it was, and no matter how much you want to toss your freaking joystick away, you just couldn’t withdrawn from that game? That’s what I feel about Pony Island. It’s a marvelous game, but the puzzles were to hard for me… But now… I really want to finish it ūüėÄ

Silent Hill (Silent Hill 1) – My god, me and horror are right buddies. We go along just fine like chocolate and vanilla. I simply love horror games, and Silent Hill is an amazing game series. I actually never played before or payed much attention to until a certain amazing person by the name of Dena Natali. She is an amazing indivudal and I support her on Patreon and so should you! She actually has pretty amazing stuff~
Anyway, back to the game. A few months back I started playing Silent Hill and I simply got addicted to it. How can you not? Not a regular in your face horror video game that tries to be scary for the sake of it. No. Silent Hill is an experience, it’s an interesting story bringing you a¬†realistically (sometimes) situation with an intriguing psychologically take on people. I am so going to replay this… Hack, maybe after I actually finish my FF first retrospective entry I will make a Silent Hill Retrospective. WHO KNOWS?!

Books I already finished for this Month: 9

One Punch Man Vol. 1 by ONE, Yusuke Murata (Illustrator)
Akame Ga Kill Vol.1-2
Akame Ga Kill Vol. 1 & 2 by Takahiro & Tetsuya Tashiro (Illustrator)
Kingdom Hearts II Vol.3 by Shiro AmanoKingdom Hearts 358 2 Days Manga Vol.1-5.pngKingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Vol.1-5 by Shiro Amano

Yeah mostly just manga since I had the spare time, but hopefully I will finish more books by the month end and less manga ish…

I should probably discuses about my reviews and retrospective and other stuff I am planning. I am currently sick with my face and brain with mucus closing on my sinuses channels which results with huge headaches that immobile me useless. Also, I have my job that doesn’t give me much of a free time nowadays but I do try to be honest. So please, be patient with my future reviews, I am trying to write them all one at a time ūüėÄ


March Warp Up

Hey guys, Spira here.
Sorry I had been gone for a while. You know how hard my life is, but I truly tries to make my opinion heard and to share my thoughts and interesting books or games for you to experience for yourself.

Of course I can’t always be up for my expectations but that’s okay. I always want to make sure I at least make some progress with my stuff, and this month I did. By a long shot. So let’s start counting our March Warp up alright?


Hogfather (Discworld 20#, Death¬†4#)¬†by Terry Pratchett¬†(Already reviewed, 4/5) – Hogfather was a huge adventure for me.¬†From one point to another it never cease to amaze me with it’s jolly humor, loveable characters and it’s charmingly villain. I loved every second of it, and I hope I will get the chance to read the other books in the series as well~

Shadow Hills¬†(Shadow Hills 1#)¬†by Anastasia Hopcus (Review to come – 4/5)- I honestly was surprise by this book. I really didn’t know why such the hate for it. Maybe it’s not a book for everybody but I love it. I love the characters, the story, the incredible humor, the writing, the romance. I LOVE IT ALL! But it does have minor setbacks and shit but despite that it’s a very good book to be reading.

Holiday Spirits¬†(Shadow Hills 1.5#) by Anastasia Hopcus (Review to come – 3/5)- It’s a companion novella sequel taking place right after the events of the Shadow Hills finale. I was craving for more, but unfortunately the author disappeared off the grid. I don’t know what happened to her, or if she is ever coming back to finish this story. But thankfully she did wrote this nice short story before her mysterious departure to god knows where…
It doesn’t add much to the plot except new character dynamics, Phe and Zach relationships and more info about ghosts and spirits and actually a pretty nice haunting story in it. It was fun. It add more to the supporting cast but it didn’t involved much with our actual plot but it was a nice read non the last~

The Maiden Thief by Melissa Marr¬†(Review to come – 3.5/5)-¬†I never read Miss Marr works before. At the time of my reading, I was searching for something short to pass my time off while I was too busy to be fully committed to finished any larger book. So I took it by a chance try it out and I must say, it is a huge disappointment I wasn’t made into a full fledged stand alone novel. This short story is fantastic, the main lead, her feelings and family issues, the villain is threating and actually impacting the plot, it is really good but I was left with so many questions and so much unfulfilled desire for more of the Maiden Thief. But alas, I can only dream~

Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell (Already Reviewed, 2/5) – To tell the truth to you guys, I thought this will be a great retelling. That it will be glorious fun time to get to know this strange new world ahead of me. But nope. I got non of that in this adventure. My ship was crashed and I was disappointed… A lot. At least my ship mates were there! ūüėÄ
Despite of my obvious lack of interest in it, I will admit it had something going on with it’s mythology and certain characters were good, like Hook (who should have been the damm main character!) but it still didn’t delivered anything to move me. I am sad I purchase it, maybe I will read one day something else from Maxwell, maybe not but until then I want this book buried for a very long time.

Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (Alice’s Adventures¬†in Wonderland 1-2#) by Lewis Carroll, John Tenniel (Illustrator) (Review to come – 3.5/5)- I just finished this book today. After what happened with Unhooked retelling of Neverland, I knew I needed something better. Something from one of the original story fairy tales. And what is better then Alice in Wonderland? I haven’t read it for years, nor it’s other part Through the Looking Glass. I thought it was a nice book, having the two stories together in one actually made me see a lot of things I didn’t notice before. But I liked it. I will explain further in my upcoming reviews.

Comic Books:

Watchmen by Alan Moore (Goodreads Author), Dave Gibbons (Illustrator/Letterer), John Higgins (Colorist/Digital Finishing) (Review to come – 3.5/5)-


The Heroic Legend of Arslan Vol.1 (The Heroic Legend of Arslan¬†1#) by Yoshiki Tanaka, Hiromu Arakawa (Illustrator) (Review to come – 4/5)-¬†I have to say, when I finished the anime version of the story I knew I just have to read the story again, but this time with the manga. How could I not? This story has magnificent high historical like fantasy setting, interesting lore, good main lead, fantastic artwork from Mrs. Arakawa. It is truly wonderful! But if I have to complain in one thing, it’s the pacing. THINGS MOVING TOO FAST…

The Flowers of Evil Vol. 1 (The Flowers of Evil 1#) by Shuzo Oshimi (Already Reviewed 3.5/5)‚Äď Same as Arslan case, only I wasn’t really sure what to think about it to. It was and always be unsettling experience that I am not sure why I got myself into. But I loved every second of it and cannoy wait to see more of it.

Noragami: Stray God Vol. 1 (Noragami 1#) by Adachitoka (Review to come Р4/5)- Not going to drag and say anything about this story. It is simply something you must read my friends~

Knights of Sidonia Vol.1 (Knights of Sidonia 1#) by Tsutomu Nihei¬†(Review to come 2.5/5) – Sometimes when work is adapted from a screenplay to the big budget movie things will have to change.¬†Change is neither good nor evil as long as it work. In this case, the Anime TV series worked because it made the pacing, the story and characters and it made it flow nicely. In here, you can see that there’s to much confusion we jumping from point A to B and noting makes sense, plus the artwork can be a bit¬†raw at times. Maybe I will continue the series one day, but for now I want to continue some other things.

Ajin: Demi Human Vol. 1 (Ajin 1#) by Gamon Sakurai & Tsuina Miura¬†(Review to come 4/5) – Ajin is a truly new gem in the rough. I am horrified not many know of this manga. It has something truly unique going on. Interesting main character, nice mysterious creatures with lore, groundbreaking artwork, what’s there not to like here?

Witchcraft Works Vol.1 (Witchcraft Works 1#) by Ryuu Mizunagi¬†(Review to come 3.5/5) – Witchcraft Works was picked by a well, how do I put it nicely? By accident… Yeah. I wasn’t planning to since I was wary of what I’ve read on the net and I didn’t wanted to read it. I thought I was mindless boob fan service shonen manga read. But oh boy, was I wrong. Sure it was nice humor, but it actually have decent characters that has room to grown, the artwork is nice, and I love the witches and their different roles and their place in this story. Defiantly picking Vol 2.

Black Jack Vol.1 (Black Jack 1#) by Osamu Tezuka, Camellia Nieh (Translator) (Review to come 4/5) РMr Tezuka, god bless his soul created something amazing here. Black Jack is an interesting set of cases featuring a surgeon that in the right price can fix everything. Hack, even the smallest unimaginable things. And those said cases are the highlight of this book. I love every moment Black Jack has to help certain people and require other money or other alternative to fee.

Dokuhime Poison Princess vol 1-5.png
Dokuhime Vol. 1-5 (Poison Princess 1-5#)by Mitsukazu Mihara¬†(Review to come, series in all 4/5) – What a series. I read this to be honest years ago, back in I believe 2010? Maybe 2009 I think? I can’t really remember. I then met my new friend on Goodreads, LostinFantasy, and I offered her that we could read this as our first buddy read. Man have I forgotten what a masterpiece this is. It’s not your generic Shojo cutesy manga. No, it’s almost not a manga in the way Mrs. Minhara has wrote this. It’s almost written as a graphic novel. What can I say about Dokuhime? I can continue to applauded it forever and ever but what you should know is that, if you never read manga at all or thought they are all boring, then let me shed a light on your perception. This manga is beyond that. This story has a fantastic cast of characters, interesting developed world, incredible artwork in detail and the pacing was good. It’s something everybody should try to read. You won’t regret it.

Total Book Count: 19. Not bad I must say ūüėÄ

And as for my Final Fantasy retrospective or any games on the matter, don’t be alarmed, I will updated and continue it eventually. Just need to figure out the best time for that. But maybe I will start playing games and finish them and put up a review for you to see. Who knows huh? ūüėČ

The Flowers of Evil Vol. 1 (The Flowers of Evil 1#) by Shuzo Oshimi – What a start…

Manga: The Flowers of Evil Vol. 1 (The Flowers of Evil 1#) by Shuzo Oshimi.
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Slice of Life, Seinen, Young-Adult, Horror, Psychological.
Age: Young-Adult, Mature, defiantly not for your kiddies.
Pages: 208 pages.
Format: Kindle.
Publication: December 8th 2015 by Kodansha
Source: Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes & Noble, Kodansha Comics, Goodreads.
Final Rating: 3.5/5

Summary on Kodansha:

The story opens as middle-school student Takao Kasuga receives an F on a math test. But he doesn’t even seem to notice because he’s too engrossed in surreptitiously reading Beaudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil. And the day goes downhill from there. In a moment of weakness, he finds and takes home the gym clothes belonging to sweet, pretty Nanako Saeki on whom he has a major crush. Unfortunately for Takao, there’s a witness to the theft: Nakamura, who has a huge chip on her shoulder and a sadistic streak.¬†As the saga unfolds, we see Takao struggling to decide whether to confess or cover up his misdeeds at the same time that he tries to win over the girl of his dreams, and avoid the blackmail attempts of Nakamura, his new ‚ÄĚBFF.‚ÄĚ

“This heavy burden to uplift,
O Sysiphus, thy pluck is required!
And even though the heart aspired,
Art is long and Time is swift.

Afar from sepulchres renowned,
To a graveyard, quite apart,
Like a broken drum, my heart,
Beats the funeral marches’ sound.

Many a buried jewel sleeps
In the long-forgotten deeps,
Far from mattock and from sound;

Many a flower wafts aloft
Its perfumes, like a secret soft,
Within the solitudes, profound.” – Charles Baudelaire, Flowers of Evil, Ill Luck.

You know, some mangas can only be truly appreciated once you encounter it on the big screen. In this case, I didn’t like the Flowers of Evil Anime only because of the use of rotoscoping. If you don’t know what rotoscoping is, it’s basically an animation by using frame by frame work which a lot of creators use in life-actions to animations films. So watching that adaption was both weird and just… odd. I loved the story, the characters seems interesting but then when I finished it, I just wanted to understand. Understand why everyone I knew hated that thing, telling me constantly, ‘drop it! it’s not like the manga. READ THE MANGA!

And finally, I did it. I decided why not read the entire manga? I already did once, so why not again, since I am feeling nostalgic at the moment. Boy, did I forgot how whacky this series started… I actually kinda scared to go beyond this volume since I remembered how off putting and bizarre it was the first time I saw and read it. I suppose like time that drifts and pass so is my view on things. Which when I reread stuff gives me a whole new perspective on the subject at hands.

Oh, by the way before I start my ranting, I highly recommend that if some of you folks are sensitive to certain “subjects” should not read this. It can be… unpleasant sometimes.


The story starts simply. Takao Kasuga is a timid regular boy with no particular interest besides reading. He’s life goes on with no care in the world, the only thing on his mind it’s books. He barley give attention to his studies nor his friends, nothing matter. Well, that is except a certain individual that caught his eyes. The class favorite and most loveable person, Nanako Saeki. He immortalized her, desiring¬†her but he doesn’t have the courage to confess his¬†feelings to her. Which truly is sad…

Days passes on¬†and Takao by accident forget to take¬†his recent read with him home. He straight goes back to the school¬†hoping to find at his desk. He finally finds¬†his¬†book only for¬†his mind to get distracted by a¬† a very strange bag. On this day, Takao’s easygoing life are going to become a massive pain in his back.

To tell the truth, when I first saw the anime and how the story was presented like many I thought this was going to be a school comedy. But oh boy, was I wrong. In fact, this story is nothing like that. There’s nothing funny about it.¬†The Flowers of Evil¬†is a story introducing us to a boy who gets in the wrong place in the wrong time, and then it leads to certain situations that god knows why he letting this happening.

You will either abandon this story or be frighten or disgust by it since it can be sometimes through the story come offs as unsettling. But it does fit with what this story is about. A teenager growing up in a world and basically meets somebody that will change and shatter his world. Whatever it is for the worst or bad is up to him…
Although even though this story is good, this story has have certain problems. Like the characters motivations or the fact that nobody besides our protagonist or Nakamura doing anything relevant. Maybe in the next volume things will changed for the better!

On another note, like the title of the manga there is the book that inspired it. Flowers of Evil is a Charles Baudelaire poem collection he wrote about his painful life and struggles. You can pretty much¬†see by reading the poems of Sir Baudelaire that Shuzo Oshimi¬†has took several inspirations from the poems which we will later see in other volumes. I love it. It gives you this uncertain¬†desire to know more about the inspiration that¬†Shuzo Oshimi used for his work and how Baudelaire’s¬†book¬†has whatever¬†relevance¬†on the plot¬†or the characters.


“I don’t know if ‘good‘ is the right word. I just… Books changed my world. I guess not everybody would understand.”

Takao Kasuga is basically a generic shy person who has no charisma or special qualities except he surround himself with books nobody heard about. He thinks he is superior in a way comparing to other adolescence crowed. He has a huge crush on Nanako and let me just say at first I thought it was a stupid hormone teenager silly fantasy. I am sure everyone had those, but let’s say it takes it to a whole new level.

The guy is so head over heels on Nanako he made her the freaking holy grail in his eyesight. Doing even the slightest thing that might be “sinful” will never be right in her book. And when he finds her gym clothes beg things just get worse. At first we see how it breaks him, he wants to come clean and return the clothes but the situation gets out of hand thanks to not only his classmates but Nakamura who now basically has complete control over him.

Takao start as a good boring character struggling with the guilty, trying to atone for his sins but eventually is starting the evil Nakamura lulls him in her song. I won’t explain what happenes much next, but if you really want to know… Well, let’s say she is making him,¬†put on Nanako gym clothes underneath his regular clothes before his date with Nanako. Yeah. You heard me right. Remember what I said before? DON’T READ IF YOU ARE NOT MATURE ENOUGH. It actually kinda new and interesting where his new development will take him.


“I’ll let it go, Kasuga. I won’t tell anyone. In return you’ll make a contract with me.”

Sawa Nakamura is an outsider not having a care in the world to anybody nor to her academic life. She is keeping to herself until Takao does what he does and Nakamura witness it all and from here things gets complicated. Nakamura wants Takao to make a contract with her, to obey her commands, to tell her all his darkest most vilest thoughts and last but not least forcing him to unimaginable situations.

She is clearly sadistic or in her mind helpful to Takao. Trying to free him, to unshackle his perverted thoughts and rendered him¬†into something he clearly isn’t. I have no idea why she does it¬†or what her intentions are, but I really am interest how things will develop later onw with those two.


“You were¬†really cool, Kasuga.”

Nanako Saeki is the Force Love Interest aka the FRY. She is only here to served as Takao supposed love interest and his desires but I actually sees something else to her. I don’t know why, but the way she unlike her classmates who alienated Nakamura or treats Takao differently she is actually reacts better then them. In a way I think she¬†was created as the foil to Nakamura’s evil, serving as Takao’s light. If he can continue living with her on the light or in the dark is up to him. I do hope she will step up and take a lead and realize Takao is not really as cool as she thought he was.

Of course there’s other minor characters like Takako’s parents that don’t do much but seems interesting to explore about but despite that, the character serve so little to the plot itself except the main trio. If you thinking they might have any purpose in the plot, I am sorry but I cannot be sure, maybe they will maybe they will not and in all honestly I don’t care at all about their opinions. I only care to read more about Takao’s struggle, Nakamura cunning charisma and Nanako involvement¬†in the story.

Shuzo Oshimi has a very interesting story to tell. Of course I feel that perhaps instead of a manga he might would have portrait better as a light novel, then we could have got better characterization in Takao to maybe in Nakamura and hack maybe even Nanako. It feels like a story that should have multiple POVs between the main trio and how each interact and grow in this world.However, despite that Mr Oshimi do get the pacing right with the story itself helping to flesh out the characters and the story moves perfectly regardless of my mixed feelings on it.

His artwork on the other hand is magnificent. It blends perfectly into the story, giving a innocent look yet grown up on the characters and it’s story presentation, plus I love the flower of evil keeping popping out or Nakamura faces stares. They are the highlight of this book in my mind. Of course my problem lies in the cover art, it just so bland, but yet it does gives the wrong deception that this book is not the cutely comedic shonen manga you think you’d be reading. I guess Sometimes you better be careful what you wish for. Isn’t it right, Takao? ūüėČ

Fire Flower Spira Rating 3.5.png

To be fair, I love this manga but i thought the beginning was a bit… slow. The pacing suppose to be slow which fits the story narration and how real life is like, things happening slowly but gradually growing into something truly intimidating that you do not know how to handle. The characters has potential to grow but the writing kinda scrutinized it with only Takao the only one showing us what’s happening to him which leaves us in the dark about Nakamura’s intentions or Nanako’s feeling. But, there’s so many stuff that makes me question why and how this is happening. I guess that’s part of cultural differences, society,¬†¬†the school and basically what Japan is like. I do strongly suggest that if you do not like this type of regular fiction stories, then you won’t be able to like this manga. Be it the creepy tone or the characters you better try to give it a fair trial by reading the first 5 volumes. If not I guess it just not your thing. I on the opposite hand cannot wait to see what Nakamura is planning next for Takao~